If you are taking part in an event which is competitive, that is competing against others, timed, or against challenging conditions (when the outcome is published and awards given) you will require a competition licence. An IOPD Competition Licence covers you for all types of events authorised by the IOPD. For additional legal protection many organisers also require licenses for practice events, track days and driving experiences.

Annual Competition Licence

An Annual Competition Licence (priced at £25) covers the rider/driver for taking part in any IOPD recognised event from 1st Jan to 31st Dec each year.

There are two types of annual licence available:

Traditional Card Licence: – APPLY
These credit card sized licences will be sent in the post so please allow 5 working days for them to get to you. They will have your name filled in on the back and you must also sign them.

Digital Licence: – APPLY
These require a passport style photograph to be uploaded with the application. The licence will normally be emailed the next working day and consist of a PDF file that you can store on your phone or print your own copy.

Both types show the year it is valid for and must have your name and either a signature or photo as proof of ID. If you are competing in a championship or plan on entering several IOPD recognised events in the year then this is the cost effective option but you must be able to produce your licence at every event when asked.

One Event Licence

One Event Competition licences (priced at £15) as the name suggests covers the rider/driver for any IOPD event covering one specific day or a weekend. These are a great option if you only plan to enter one or two events a year.

One Event Licence – Online Application

Please note there is NO INSURANCE COVER with any IOPD Licence. If this is desired, the rider/driver needs to obtain this for themselves from an Insurance Provider who covers motorsport activities.

Licences can also be obtained from many Event Organisers who may include the cost of the licence in with the affiliation/championship entry fees. Often Insurance is provided in these costs.

When Organisers or clubs sell licences on behalf of the IOPD, the IOPD makes a contribution back to help them with some of their costs e.g., admin, trophies etc. Simply speak to the IOPD to see how we can help you.

The purpose of a Competition or Participant Licence is to raise the legal character of the holder from that of a member of the public. It enables the driver/rider to train or compete with specific skills and experience in vehicle handling under extreme or racing conditions.

Providing the Event/Venue has an Authorisation Permit in place an IOPD licence provides drivers or riders with a defence when:

  • Driving or riding a vehicle that is not road legal at a venue in a public place.
  • Breaking the speed limit at a venue in a public place.
  • Racing or practising at such an event which when not authorised  would be deemed unlawful.
  • Riding or driving furiously, dangerously, inconsiderately and   annoyingly.
  • Losing control of the vehicle.

Authorised Licence Holders have status as a member of an elite disciplined ‘class of society’ (a legal term). It may permit the holder to overtake on the inside, ride or drive furiously and ‘show off’ that person’s skills and ability at controlling a mechanically propelled vehicle ‘on the edge’ of losing control at an authorised off-highway venue. None of these actions are permitted by the DVLA licence or the Road Traffic Act without authorisation. And yes, believe it or not the current Road Traffic Act is now in force everywhere including circuits, tracks, fields, forests, airfields and beaches.

Our licence and event terms and conditions can be found here