The International Organisation of Professional Drivers (the IOPD) was incorporated on the 22nd January 1990 and acts as an International Motorsport Governing Body. It licenses the most amazing, powered sports with DfT / RTA Authorising Permits under Government Statutory Regulations which were issued in 1991.

The IOPD now issues permits for 19,000 days of activity each year across 1,000 different venues with over a million participants, across 37 different disciplines, including 4-wheel and 2-wheel motor sport events, driver training, driver experience and arena displays.

So if you are a landowner or are involved in the organisation as a Promoter, Event Organiser or you participate in Off Highway Mechanically Propelled Vehicle Activities, on 2, 3, 4 or 6 or any number of wheels,  where the vehicle is not being used purely for on-road transportation, you should seriously consider an IOPD Authorisation Permit system.

For more information on the Authorisation / Permit System click on the Permit Section of this website.

Background of the IOPD

All the team are involved in motorsport activities of one sort or another. Their experiences range from being Venue Operators, Event Organisers, Monster Trunk Operators, Stunt co-ordinators, World and Guinness Record Holders, Rally and Co Drivers, Sprint and Auto Testers. Their total knowledge and experience therefore help to provide Organisers with practical, down to earth advice so their events run smoothly, safely whilst keeping their businesses viable and complying with current legislation and Health and Safety compliance.

Below are listed a few quotes from some of the IOPD’s Affiliates.

‘The IOPD helped save one of our most popular Venues’